Quality policy

Quality policy.

Quality policy of BIONT company consists of continual provision of products and services that fulfil the customers’ requirements in terms of design, development, production, and distribution of medical radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals, while also allowing access to special products for diagnostic aims for doctors in accordance with the requirements of the diagnostic centres.
Our activities are implemented based on the research of the requirements of our customers and business partners, in order to meet their expectations in terms of quality, delivery times, and flexibility. Therefore, the company management is committed to:

  • continually achieve stakeholders’ satisfaction in that it fulfils the current and future needs and requirements of its customers.
  • view care, responsibility, and quality of the provided products and services in terms of customer satisfaction, as an essential duty of all employees and to remedy any discrepancies immediately.
  • elevate and expand the qualifications, competencies, and engagement of the company personnel in order to ensure the compliance, reliability, safety, and quality of the provided products and services.
  • consistently maintain and improve the technological and operational equipment of the respective workplaces, while adhering to the principles of safety and occupational health protection, thus improving the level of products and services provided by the company.
  • systematically improve the working conditions of the employees and eliminate any negative effects on the environment.
  • accept and evaluate specific quality goals of the company so as to continually increase the quality system and the quality of the products and services.
  • continually improve the performance and efficiency of the Quality Management System in order to increase the competitiveness of the company.
  • follow the legislative, legal and other requirements, that the company is obliged or has undertaken to fulfil.


The Quality policy is binding for all employees of the company. Every company manager is obliged to apply this policy in practice and adopt efficient measures for its further development.

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