Information on appointments


We would like to ask the referring doctors and patients to follow the regulations and recommendations of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic regarding the current epidemiological situation. If the patient has been abroad in the past 14 days or has been in contact with persons who could have been infected with COVID-19, we kindly ask to immediately contact our office via phone at +421 2 20670 187 or +421 2 20670 176 (7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.). We would also like to ask the referring doctors to consider the upside of the examination against the risks related to the current pandemic. At the same time, we ask the patients who come to our facility using public transport, to use protective equipment and pay extra attention to personal hygiene. Thank you.

Patient appointments for examinations

We make patient appointments based on the fully completed requisition form. You can send the requisition form online, via post, fax, or e-mail.

Contact details for making appointments

Office – phone no.: +421 2 20670 187 (please, use this phone number from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. noon; outside of these hours, there are examinations in progress)
Office – fax no.: +421 2 20670 127, e-mail:

Accommodation for patients

Upon request, patients have the option to book accommodation for the day before the examination at our purpose-built accommodation facility. You may ask the office nurse for more information (phone no. +421 2 20670 187).

Sample request forms

Patient appointment for PET/CT scan with 18FDG

  • indicate the time interval since chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or operation
  • if the indication relates to a disease remission, it is necessary to leave a time interval of one (1) month since chemotherapy, three (3) months since radiotherapy, and one (1) month since operation
  • if the indication relates to an examination confirming the immediate effect of chemotherapy, it is sufficient to leave a time interval of a few days, under the condition that there’s an entry examination before the treatment
  • the patient needs to be referred to our facility including all relevant documentation (medical records, clinical data, oncomarkers, CT scans, MRI)
  • for the health insurance company, it is necessary to indicate the code of the referring doctor-specialist (e.g., an oncologist) and the code of the clinic where the doctor has a contractual relationship with the insurance company

Preparation for the examination

  • patient is to arrive on an empty stomach; the last meal being a light dinner the day before the examination; avoid sweet food, food high in starch, and sweetened beverages
  • sufficient hydration (non-sweetened beverages without restriction)
  • avoid any demanding physical activity the day before the examination (no sport)
  • for compensated diabetes, do not take insulin nor any peroral antidiabetic medication in the morning of the examination
  • on the day of the examination take your routine daily medicine with water
  • dress warmly; if the weather is cold, wear a sweater or a turtleneck
  • patients can bring their own food, liquids, and drugs; the procedure in the PET centre takes about 4 hours
  • there is a waiting room available for the accompanying person (never children or pregnant women)

Patient appointment for gammagraphic examinations

Individual approach depending on the type of examination – the office nurse or the doctor at the PET centre will provide more information