Preparing for examination

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How to prepare oneself for the examination.

The examination is painless but time-consuming, so do not plan anything else on the day of the examination.

It is important for you to avoid exercise and any physical exertion (no sports, long walks, carrying heavy shopping or luggage) at least 48 hours before the examination and especially on the day of the examination.

For 24 hours before the PET scan, follow a sugar-free and starch-free diet. During this time, avoid sweet and floury foods and drink only sugar-free drinks. Without restrictions you can eat for example: boiled and baked grilled meat, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, sausages. The last meal should be a light dinner the day before the examination. Do not eat in the morning, without restrictions you can drink water, mineral water, unsweetened tea (1 – 1.5 litres is recommended). You can eat after the examination, so it is advisable to bring food with you.

In general, if you take medication on a regular basis, take it as usual. It is advisable to stop taking diabetes medication (pills) before the examination, we will arrange this procedure with you by phone.

In case of cold weather, dress warmly (a sweater or turtleneck).

In some cases, especially when the brain or heart is examined, special preparation is needed after agreement with your attending physician.

We approach every patient individually, so you are kindly asked to respect mainly the information given to you by our staff over the phone.

How should patients with diabetes prepare for the examination.

If you have diabetes and are being treated with diet or pills, keep the following preparation. If you are treated with insulin, no lifestyle changes are necessary; do not change your diet, skip insulin and glucose-lowering pills in the evening before the examination and in the morning on the day of the examination. Take them with you.

Patient safety

Do you want to know how the examination procedure looks like? Here is the series of videos, that describe procedures of examinations and patient safety before, during and after these examinations. By clicking the button below, you enter the section with the videos.